Sports & Me

The men in my religious congregation came over to watch the big game on a Sunday back in 1978. Dallas was playing Denver. They were all rooting for Dallas. I had never once seen them watch or even talk about football, let alone discuss having a favorite team.  They all stood around, drinking beer, andContinue reading “Sports & Me”

Disability and Privilege

I have been thinking about it, and though I live with daily, unrelenting pain, I am still in a position of privilege. I know that sounds weird, considering the breadth of health problems I live with. On extra bad days, I try to remind myself of my luck. You see, most people with disabilities inContinue reading “Disability and Privilege”

The lies I was told about disco

Or: how a DJ blew up a box of disco records and got Ronald Reagan elected. author’s note: I have a lot of angst these days about my peer group. We, straight white men, between 55-65, are the problem. I have written about these guys before. All you millennials and Xennials know because we’re yourContinue reading “The lies I was told about disco”