Must Be Wednesday

I don’t know if you noticed, but I generally post on my blog on Wednesday afternoons. Why is that you ask? Well as an old crusty web developer, I am obsessed with data.

Not the data that the mega-corps collect, share and sell. No, I just want to how many people visit, maybe generally where they are from, and what kind of device and app they are visiting with. But, as a data nerd, I can tell you all that stuff, even what is collected on the sly ,really means nothing.

The algorithm can offer stuff it thinks you want, but it can’t control how you see it. Except on Wednesday, specifically, Wednesday afternoons. This is when the most traffic comes my way and it always has.

This isn’t a secret to most web developers and masters and designers. I first noted it back in the 90s when I was doing primitive web apps on the side. Like clockwork, every Wednesday there was more traffic than usual, particularly on e-commerce sites.

Did most of that traffic come from corporate domains? Why, yes it did. Even the internal app I was building for the big evil oil company had an uptick in traffic. Some people may get a case of Mondays but everyone gets a case of Wednesday afternoons. 

You are bored, hours before quitting time and you have Amazon calling your name. Someone on Facebook needs to hear your opinion. A news article is unread. It is Wednesday afternoon, what else is there to do?

Even on the last real job I had before my body and mind broke down, was in 2011, and I could still count on Wednesday afternoons.

Because, while you were bored, weirdos like me were looking at the data you were leaving behind (which has ethical uses, which requires very little data, but is often too much collected and used for unethical ones). So Wednesdays it is. Like this Wednesday. Where you are probably bored and can’t wait for the day to end, never mind waiting for the weekend.

You are exactly in between weekends. E-commerce, social networking, or maybe even a blog post will pass the time. Maybe this post will help. Thanks. I see you.

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