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remain Lost
in hidden worlds
where I reign
head engine and caboose
in my toy train

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  • wordwright
    I have been giving thought to the proliferation of AI art and word generators. As I spend days, weeks, months, and years, poring over the words of a novel, I can sort of see the attraction of such devices. No fuss, no muss, just write me a story where a woman assassin is having a psychotic break. That prompt mayContinue reading “wordwright”
  • Running into the dark side of the wall
    The sun is the same in a relative way, but you’re older. One could argue, the last pure Pink Floyd album was’ The Dark Side of the Moon’…
  • Falling Down
    It feels like the people who care about you are just far enough away and you have become untethered from the world.
  • Must Be Wednesday
    as an old crusty web developer, I am obsessed with data.
  • Red Sky At Morn
    The sun rose red, coloring the sky even before making its magnificent appearance. More first light in the alley The streets empty but full of dawns light

About Jay

An unpublished writer in the wilds of Wyoming. Very liberal and very vocal. I also take the occasional photo. That’s it for now…

I write things

My Current Works In Progress

For Your Perusal:

A Tropical Island Of Your Own — A short story about memory, delusions, and the quantum state that exists when recovering from a psychotic episode. Written as a Bourne Style Sci-Fi action thriller, of course.

Against The Flow Trilogy- A YA cyber-fantasy
Book One – Dancing on a High Wire
Book Two – Standing in the Open
Book Three – Hiding in the Shadows

Programming Projects:
US National Weather Service and NOAA Database Access Module — Python project, created for easy access to the various NWS and NOAA CDO data repositories. Released as a public project under the MIT license.

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