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remain Lost
in hidden worlds
where I reign
head engine and caboose
in my toy train

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  • On Being Thankful
    I don’t need a special day to be thankful.
  • A Short Story About Delusions and the States in Between
    There is a moment when you have had a mental illness break, where a quantum state exists. I have experienced this after manic and psychotic episodes. A state where everything and nothing is real.
  • The Marlboro Man Always Smoked Alone
    I quit smoking, and have some deep thoughts about that or something like that.
  • Hmm, just thinking
    I have been thinking about this quote by Sartre and Steve Bannon’s strategy to flood the media with shit. Make of it what you will…
  • Had I Known
    Intuition is fallible. We never see our blind spots. That is why they are blind spots.

About Jay

An unpublished writer in the wilds of Wyoming. Very liberal and very vocal. I also take the occasional photo. That’s it for now…

I write things

My Current Works In Progress

For Your Perusal:

A Tropical Island Of Your Own — A short story about memory, delusions, and the quantum state that exists when recovering from a psychotic episode. Written as a Bourne Style Sci-Fi action thriller, of course. Currently querying.

Against The Flow Trilogy- A YA cyber-fantasy
Book One – Dancing on a High Wire
Book Two – Standing in the Open
Book Three – Hiding in the Shadows

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