The Drummer Keeps Time

Sure, there are low key drummers. There are percussion bedecked drummers whose prowess overcomes the near pomposity of it all. Then there is Tres Cool. He is cocky. He is different and he is a drummer with SOUND like Mighty Max with the pounding prowess of no less than Keith Moon. Listen to ‘Boulevard ofContinue reading “The Drummer Keeps Time”

Friday Pick Six – best live rock albums of the 70s

As was tradition at my now defunct website and subsequent move to here, I will present a weekly pick of six songs or albums. Why six? I don’t know. These YouTube videos link to the artistsYouTube feed, so they may not work in all regions. Back in the Stoned Seventies, bands had a strict process.Continue reading “Friday Pick Six – best live rock albums of the 70s”