Maybe it was a good year, after all

As every publication, social media poster, and blogger has been rushing out ’best of 2022’ lists, I have been reflecting myself. People have been discussing their critical darlings all year and now it come to a head.

I admit I am an old fogey, often stuck half a century ago, and much of modern popular culture I don’t know, or maybe even understand,

An aside, but it seems weird that the media that is used to create the media about the ‘best of’ media was laid down by early adopters like myself. Now, what was a simple need to have self-updating forms, became a way to rate co-eds at Harvard and burst forth as the like button with the idea of mining people’s data for a dollar.

All these things came to head this year. Because of course, it did, it was an election year. Twitter (which has fewer monthly users than Pinterest and is not the real world but is assigned way too much import) was bought by a self-absorbed billionaire and the expected chaos ensued

All social media (still not the real world) became a hotbed of anger because the algorithms have learned that division drives business. Hate clicks are harvested, analyzed, and regurgitated. The world is upside down in the cyber world

With that in mind, it is easy to forget that the year wasn’t that bad. I mean, publications, social media posters, and bloggers are rushing out the ‘best of 2022’ lists. They found something good to reflect on, maybe we all can.

Maybe it was as simple as a show that moved you or made you think. A piece of music that does the same. A painting or any other graphic art. Whether a movie or symphony, these things can brighten and even enlighten.

Into the storm – I-84 Westbound

Maybe it is greater than that. One’s life can change, good or bad, and maybe just getting on the other side of all of it with the change of the year is the best you can do.

A lifelong fantasy realized – Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

Maybe not every day of the past three-sixty-five was bad. There were days filled with joy, or at least a laugh or even a smile.

Pacific Ocean Sunset – At Sea in the Pacific

Maybe it was a sunrise or sunset,

Autumn Brook – Murray Park

a quiet brook,

Waves on the sea – Pacific Ocean

or a roaring sea.

Summer Sunflowers – Evanston

Maybe it was just a peaceful moment to reflect and realize, hey, maybe you will be okay.

Winter Sunrise – Evanston

Maybe it was a good year after all.

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One thought on “Maybe it was a good year, after all

  1. i’ve been extra depressed this year.
    this has adversely affected ongoing plans for the future.
    however, i’m feeling better than i have all year.
    maybe that’s all i need to focus on.
    the end of the year was okay.


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