Resolutions, revolutions and reevaluations

It is another year, nearly my 60th on this planet. The world turned, in spite of any resolutions I may have had. And how my world was turned. This past year had some pretty impressive highs and lows, even without my bipolar tendencies. 

But the whole world has been manic, hasn’t it?

I guess what I am saying, is that in the chaos of the world, why should I make a resolution? Who needs the pressure? Life is already a minefield. In my experience, the things that need resolutions, happen when it is time. 

The world revolves and we are along for the ride. Sure, this is a new set of days, after a spin around the sun, and yet, in the grand scheme, it is just another day. I suppose we assign the value that we need to it. Maybe it’s depressing for me to say that.

I can tell you after the fifty-one I remember, you don’t need to give yourself the pressure of a resolution. The celebration can be as raucous or serene as you want. Don’t feel pressure on that either. If you need to hide in your closet and cry, maybe take a long weekend to yourself. If you need to dance the night away and celebrate the end of the year with cheer, that’s just as valid.

For most of us, it is somewhere in between. What does that really mean? I feel like we set the pressure on ourselves. Only you can decide what is important. No one can decide that for you.

Something I started even before my TIA last February, is this, ‘one little thing.’ What is one little thing I can do today? And I don’t even have to do that much. I know, I am talking about mindfulness, basically. I always found that stuff like CBT made me feel pressured. Like I should have some incredible life change or deep insight into my soul. 

It doesn’t work that way, and like habits are changed when you are ready, it will come to you when it is time. Am I describing a slog? Is life really just one little thing at a time to be done or overcome?

Honestly? Sometimes it is. The days make up the year, and you can’t stop the trip around the sun, but you can (try) to make each day a little better. It might be a little win or just another day. 

Either way, my hope for you in this next revolution, is to you have more little wins than just one more days.

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