A Short Story About Delusions and the States in Between

I have shopped this story around but I have decided to publish it here and just see what people think. I feel like maybe I am trying to be too clever. Let me explain:

There is a moment when you have had a mental illness break, where a quantum state exists. I have experienced this after manic and psychotic episodes. A state where everything and nothing is real. A state where you are trying to figure out what happened but part of you doesn’t want to know.

This disorienting experience is, as you can imagine, disconcerting. I have explored this in some form or fashion of a story for some time. The idea of being in a quantum state, a dissociative feeling of being out of control and how that feels. Being bi-polar, I have direct knowledge of this feeling.

I first explored this idea via a story of drug addiction. The nature of which is not so different from a manic episode. A blackout, a moment forgotten and remembered. Memories that others have that you don’t yet possess.

When I sat down to explore it again in this story, I decided I wanted the reader to experience the same thing. And how best to that then with a sci-fi Bourne style action story? An assassin, a target, and an escape in a hot overcrowded city. I want to leave the reader wondering; What really happened? I promise, something did, and you the reader are left to decide what that was. Enjoy the story.

👉🏻A Tropical Island Of Your Own👈🏻

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