Had I Known

Lit lightbulb

I had written a whole thing about podcasts and blather from them, which is really just blathering to myself. Until I saw the following: My intuition is fallible.

What a freeing concept and far more interesting to write about.

Complaining about the guys with their brick walls, and name in neon plastered to it, and the comically oversized microphones is an easy target.

No, when I saw that phrase online this morning it stuck with me. My intuition is fallible. Because it feels true, it doesn’t mean it is. If my knowledge is incomplete, don’t guess (not confidently he says. I try to practice it, but you know, blather?).

I guess the other five hundred unpublished words are just unknowingly repeating that theme. It is freeing to admit you don’t have all the answers and even more so, being okay that you don’t.

I am reminded of ‘Thine Own Self’, an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Data has amnesia (for some space jargon reason involving radiation. You know, Star Trek stuff) and attends a school in a small pre-industrial village after crash-landing on their planet.

In the school, the teacher is talking about fire, and how the wood must contain the fire since it burns. The fire inside reacts when fire is present. Seemed pretty obvious to the teacher.

Of course, Data questions this, but the point stands. The character was teaching what made sense in their mind based on their limited knowledge, based on their intuition.

Maybe, just maybe, we can understand intuition is fallible. That it is okay not to know (there is generally someone who does, though. They need to be vigilant about subject outside their expertise as well, but because of their knowledge, ‘I don’t know,’ often leads to breakthroughs).

So my promise to you is this; I don’t know. My intuition is fallible. And that’s okay.


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