Just a little chilly

Sit down, grab a cuppa, and chill

Back on my old blog, we used to do something called the ‘Friday Pick Six’. It was a chore, but we would pick a theme and go with it.

Now that I am here at Remain Lost, I wanted to do something similar. However, the pressure of finding a topic and six songs to matches something I didn’t want.

Instead, I present to you some songs for a serene, Sunday morning chill out. You know something quiet to listen to in the background while you slowly wake up and enjoy the last day of the weekend.

This Sunday has no theme, just some casual classic rock that goes well with a cup of something warm on a chilly morning.

Here is this Sunday’s playlist. A collection of (hopefully) chill classic rock.

Soothing Sunday Sounds

As always, these videos may not be available in your country. Sorry if that is the case.

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