What If?

Words that inspire. Phrases, sayings, devotionals, and quotes. All worthy, but the most important thing is, What If? Trivial ones like what if there were only vampires and zombies left? Powerful questions, like, what if I can change this? 

‘What if?’ always precedes ‘aha!’ You have said, what if things aren’t what they seem. ‘What if?’ is a conversation with your brain as you fill it with data. This is when the brain is at it’s most powerful. 

You are synthesizing, something computers still struggle to do. You, yes, you! You are creating something new. It doesn’t matter what you are doing. Office work to sculpting, we all have ‘What if?’s. 

You, yes, you! You saw something for the first time. It may be vague, but you can give it structure and meaning. Don’t sleep on ‘What If?’

Published by Just j

Author, photographer, music nerd and just this guy, you know.

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