I believe in randomness. I revel in the random nature of the world. I am an observer of the chaos that is our universe. Sure the physical nature of the great galaxy lives by its rules, but things aren’t the same on every level. That is chaos. That is randomness.

The dinosaurs died from a random falling rock. A perfect storm of methane-producing microbes, massive CO₂ events and the death of the fauna that scrubbed the air, killed almost everything during the Permian Extinction. These things didn’t follow anything that you can model. They are random.

I grow distressed, however, when extinction can be modeled. We know what we are doing, but don’t stop. We know how to slow a pandemic, but we aren’t doing it.

Yay, you say, Jay is being pretty depressing. All this talk of extinction events while we are trying to weather a crisis. CV19 isn’t going to kill everyone. It doesn’t have to. It is making us all look long and hard about our impact.

Because we pulled together. We hunkered down and isolated the more susceptible among us. We, millions, maybe billions, want to do what we can to save as many as we can. That is a good thing.

If billions can work to slow the spread of a particularly virulent coronavirus, we can work to change other things. Climate change, social injustice, poverty, all these things can be done. If a couple billion of us start doing the little things we need to do, we can change the world.

In the end, it is pretty random that a randomly mutated virus would pull us together. Who would have thought, we are all in this together.

If you are bored and stuck inside, I have two short stories here, that you can read.

If you like them, please feel free to share them. My copyleft terms are here .

The China – What is important when the world is ending?

Is Seroptin Right For You? – A story about drugs.

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