Something is coming

I have spent the day contemplating a blog post, while I work on a top secret project. I was going to talk about COVID-19, but I figure you have had enough of that.

I was going to whine about my pain and other side effects of my condition. That would just be boring. Besides, as a parent of grown children, I should save my medical condition complaints for them.

I don’t really know what to talk about. The statistician in me has me being poring over the raw COVID-19 data. I know, I said I wouldn’t talk about it, but for some reason, analyzing the data comforts me.

For some reason, modeling the outbreak makes me feel more in control. I have had time to build a pretty intricate model. Some of the models I have run? They don’t look good. I am loathe to share that data here, since it is just numerical conjecture.

I know there are more productive things to be doing right now. I could be writing. I haven’t written anything this week, when I have been averaging about 1500 words a day.  

A lot of my creative juices has been taken up by building my secret project. I spent a lot of time on it. You may have noticed my ‘Something is coming’ posts. Something is coming tomorrow (Wednesday 18 March 2020) . I hope you enjoy the work I have put in. Look for more posts coming soon.

PS, I might even put in a Friday Pick Six. If you have a musical theme you would like, let me know.

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