Greetings on a warm March, Sunday morning

Sunday, March 2020

I was up at 6:00 am on the dot, as I typically am. It was warm, 37° F (3° C). I fed all the cats and made a cup of coffee. With the morning news on and social media to feed my daily outrage, I also mused how the weather has turned the corner.

We had a typical Wyoming winter. Plenty of snow and cold snaps. Sunday’s, whether cold or not, are a day of reflection. Both on the past week and the one upcoming.

I don’t know if that’s spiritual, metaphysical or emotional, and I am not here to debate that. Quiet reflection, meditative silence, are both tools for cushioning the past and steeling our resolve.

My Sunday mornings are for flights of fancy. I just randomly shuffle through the weekly idea bank and write down the interesting ones. I make things that aren’t project related. Maybe work in the yard when it gets warm, while considering new ideas.

You may use Saturday as your ‘get things done’ day and it should. Saturday is all about the promise of two days work free. Sunday is about contemplation.

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