Shameless Self Promo Saturday

It’s time to pimp my stuff becuase it’s #ShamelessSelfPromoSaturday. I am working hard behind the keyboard as of late. Today I finished a short story, that has some added stuff to it. I am having that post creative letdown. But enough about me, how about more about me?

I recently completed a story called ‘Is Seroptin Right For You?’ Check it out here on the site.

Speaking of stories I have published here, have a look at The China. It’s the story of post apocalyptic climate refugees. I have shopped it here and there, but no takers. So I have posted it here for your reading pleasure.

Crossing the Flow – a vaguely cyber punk trilogy

This is my current passion project.

In 2018, I wrote novel. A crappy, horrible, awful novel. The ideas were interesting but the execution wasn’t. Two things happened as I neared the end of writing that novel.

I had unwittingly written the end of this new world I was creating. The world building was good. Enough to flesh out ideas for seven stories. So I guess it’s good I wrote that crappy, horrible, awful novel.

Babette was a side character. A plot device to explain technology and provide superhuman hacking powers. At the end of the crappy, horrible, awful novel, Babette does something at the end of the novel that I didn’t expect.

I pondered this action, that my soon to be main character had done. Why had she done it? It was totally out of character for her. Then I realized, that’s the story I needed to tell. Why did Babette act out? I had to tell Babette’s story. It starts when she is seven…

I am working on some other things, too.

A novel called ‘The Good Word’. Think of it as The Cohen Brothers meets Frank Herbert. An alien crashes on earth and it all ends in tears.

Another novel, that will be serialized here in the near future. It’s contemporary fiction, so a little different from my usual speculative/science fiction.

Called ‘untitled Evanston story’ it follows a family in a small town through their trials and tribulations. Kind of a Richard Russo meets the west story.

Well that’s about it. I do have a couple of short stories I am shopping. Hopefully I will have news on that soon.

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