It’s not writers block exactly

I have pumped out more words than ever this year. I completely rewrote a novel and a short story, plus other stories I have been doodling with. The last two weeks? My daily word count has dropped precipitously and I can’t seem to get back in the groove.

Is it writers block? I don’t know. I have tons of story ideas still, but writing them down has been like pulling teeth. I have been fighting a migraine for these weeks, so maybe that is part of the problem.

So, here I am staring at various documents. I am trying to focus on writing and not focus on social media or stare at my website stats. It’s like the words are there, but I can’t get them onto the page.

I saw where someone was told that if they didn’t write 15k words a month, the writers group they belonged to would drop them. Does it really matter how many words you write a day? Fifteen-thousand is only five-hundred words a day. I say ‘only’ when I can’t push out 90 words a day right now.

Maybe my brain is tired. I have written almost 64k words in the last six weeks. Maybe I am focusing too much on output. I need to write, but maybe it’s not a quantity issue but quality.

Maybe I should get back to work instead of whining about it in a blog post.

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