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remain Lost
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  • Forgotten Places Near Wild Space
    Seeking the nearest star system, we happened upon Batuu. The planet was sparsely populated, even after all the long years and history that ran through the place. 
  • The Anti-Flavor
    Bologna sandwiches are the anti-flavor
  • Why So Serious
    It’s hard to be funny when things aren’t much fun anymore.
  • The Big Game
    Throwing a big party today? Stressing to get everything done? Don’t want to watch the interminable pre-game shows? Take an hour or so, and enjoy some chill ‘70s R&B. Hopefully you can get a moment to relax and GO TEAM!
  • Sports & Me
    The men in my religious congregation came over to watch the big game on a Sunday back in 1978. Dallas was playing Denver. They were all rooting for Dallas. I had never once seen them watch or even talk about football, let alone discuss having a favorite team.  They all stood around, drinking beer, and acting like what they thoughtContinue reading “Sports & Me”

About Jay

An unpublished writer in the wilds of Wyoming. Very liberal and very vocal. I also take the occasional photo. That’s it for now…

I write things

My Current Works In Progress

The China – Short Story

Is Seroptin Right For You? – A short story

Shrug – Short Story – Currently being submitted

3:00 AM – Short Story

Crossing The Flow – A cyber-fantasy
Book One – Dancing on a High Wire
Book Two – Standing in the Open
Book Three – Hiding in the Shadows

I take pictures of things

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